Research Project

Every student in this module will work on an individual project, guided by an academic supervisor. The project will entail formulating objectives, planning the project, surveying the relevant literature and applying what was learned in the modules, as well as from literature review and own research, to an ML and/or AI research project. Critical evaluation of the research results will also be required.

Upon completion of the module the student will be able to:

  • unambiguously and very clearly define a problem, as well as an approach to solve that problem;
  • search the literature, identify relevant publications, and critically assess their importance and relevance to a specified problem;
  • design, select, tailor and apply technically advanced methods, techniques and theories from multiple sources, to solve complex practical and theoretical ML and AI problems;
  • synthesise coherent conclusions from experimental results, and identify key limitations and scope for future work;
  • write up the outcome of a research project in the format of a high-quality, high impact conference or journal style paper, and communicate those outcomes effectively to academic peers;
  • conduct independent research at the forefront of current ML and AI research, and take responsibility for own progression.