[Due to high interest, applications are temporarily suspended until we find a suitable format to cater for as many talented students as we possibly can]


The minimum requirement to be considered for enrolment is a 4-year tertiary qualification in the mathematical sciences (which would include Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics), or another field with significant mathematical and computational components.  Other qualifications deemed equivalent in standard to the above will also be considered.

Students will be expected to have a strong aptitude in the mathematical sciences, as well as proficiency in Python or a similar programming language. Though not required, we recommend that students should have already completed an introductory course in Machine Learning (this may include an online course).

How to apply

Complete an application form. You will be asked for:

  1. a short statement of purpose — tell us in 50-200 words why you want to complete the MSc, and where you hope to take what you learn;
  2. an up-to-date CV as a PDF file, appended with your complete academic transcripts;
  3. your answers to the technical questions (see below) as a PDF file.

Applications close 9 August 2019.

Technical questions

As part of the application process we would like you to consider these problems at your own leisure at home, and upload your answers as a PDF file with your application. Some of the questions require a bit of coding, and some are on basic calculus, algebra and probability that would be necessary for the MSc programme. We are interested in your assumptions and approach, so be sure to include short discussions and code snippets where applicable.

Don’t worry if you can’t solve everything. It is not an exam! We are looking for motivated students from across Africa and beyond our shores, and try our best to consider everyone’s multi-faceted backgrounds. However, if we are inundated with applications, the technical questions will help us find talented students everywhere.

Have fun!


We have a number of scholarships available to cover tuition fees and living expenses. By applying for the programme you will also be considered for a scholarship. If you have other means of funding, please indicate this in the “additional info” space on the application form.

Fees and registration

Information about tuition fees, registration and visas will follow soon.

Contact us [at] gmail [.] com